Revisiting Christian Dialogue

Christian dialogue on public platforms

Revisiting Christian dialogue

The Apostolic Age of the church has opened us up to strong and often controversial dialogue. It is not unusual on social media platforms to come across heated debates on ecclesiology, sonship, and eschatology to mention but a few. In as much as I think these are necessary conversations I have to admit that somehow the complex conversations are attractive to the immature and not necessarily constructive. When dialogue moves from being constructive to being attractive and cool then we are in trouble. In as much as I believe social media has exposed us to brilliant thinkers I also believe it is a safe haven for clueless opportunists who build their significance by picking fights with seasoned voices. I am not in the least bit saying that seasoned voices are always accurate voices and cannot be challenged. I am simply saying when you do challenge a view make sure you have your ducks in a row and that you are not trying to build your significance off the sacrifices of people who actually made the time to thoroughly understand the subject under discussion. There are several ways to approach Christian dialogue

Always be a student

Dialogue is never constructive when everybody is the “lead professor” and there are no students. It becomes an overpowering noise where everybody is speaking and nobody is listening. What most Christian dialogue lack are students. Nobody is in it to learn

Don’t make assumptions about people you do not know

Sometime ago I was shocked when a soccer fanatic told a professional football coach that this particular coach know nothing about soccer. The soccer fanatic had no clue that he was speaking to a professional and made this serious assumption about somebody he never met. In Christian circles this happens all the time. We are so adamant on our views that we make assumptions about one another. On social media platforms you just don’t know who you are speaking to.

Knowledge is beautiful until it flows from a proud heart

No matter how knowledgeable you are on a subject when people detect pride they stop listening. Knowledge is both beautiful and powerful when it flows from a humble heart. Make sure that when you share knowledge you are trying to be helpful and not hurtful.

Always be aware of the fact that somebody higher up is watching you

You will be surprised with who is watching you. Sadly opportunities are often missed because we lack the maturity to engage in decent Christian dialogue. No matter how gifted or knowledgeable you are people would rather pass the opportunity to invite you into something meaningful and impactful because you are a risk. What I mean by risk is that you are out of control. People are not willing to sacrifice a platform that took years to build to be destroyed by somebody who cannot control his own fire.

Christians must always dialogue with maturity and respect that way everybody walks away refreshed and challenged

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